I made my valiant return to the ocean today after a week away spent in pools and airplanes and other places too far inland to be salty. It was kind of cold and overcast all day so I was expecting some cold water. Niel measured about 56 and honestly I don’t believe it at all. It felt way too cold for that and the ocean buoy was barely at 51 degrees after a weekend that had dips into the high 40′s. So regardless of what the real temperature was I decided to wear a wetsuit.

making our way to the water

making my way in

We had a pretty good crowd today, about 8 swimmers. We keep seeing new faces which is awesome, and lots of returnees. I’m stoked to see what kind of numbers we finish the summer with!

Anyways, today’s swim was just a down and back shot of the buoy line good for about a mile. It was a very stop and go kind of swim while we did the first half of the buoy line. We had a first time in the ocean swimmer and I tried to hang back best I could to make sure she was doing ok. Once we got back to the pier we lost a couple swimmers that turned back in. The rest of us swam under the pier and down the next two buoys. 2 more got out, and we finished the buoy line with 4 guys. We swam it back to the pier and came in on the northside of it. Before coming in I worked with one of the guys a little bit on his stroke. While he was swimming past me I saw a little wasted effort in there that we need to try and squeeze out. Hopefully we can help him get a little faster with the same amount of work!

representing in my CVMM cap :)

regrouping at a buoy

After the swim I hung out in Avila with Niel and then drove home towards Arroyo Grande. I dropped in a wine bar in the village to say hi to my buddy/occasional swim nemesis Mike for a bit before grabbing a burrito to take home with me for dinner. Me and Mike are up for round 2 of our Fly showdown tomorrow… 75 yards this time. I’m hoping I can take this round and even it up. And once I finish with the blog it’s time to repack my bags because tomorrow after work I split for Charlotte to swim the USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships!

If you want more pictures check out the Swim Avila Facebook page or our blog!

2 Responses to “Recovering from Atlanta, Prepping for Charlotte…”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Sounds like a great swim, despite the chillllllly temps!!!

    Awesome photos too – I always love your OW shots!!

    So nice of you to help with your friend’s stroke. Sometimes, that can make a WORLD of difference!!

    GREAT LUCK in Charlotte. Hope you have a really fun trip and an awesome swim. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Safe travels!!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Jinxi! I think I’ve become the official Avila photographer for anything that goes on more than 300m off shore :) Hopefully I did more good than harm to my buddy’s stroke. It’s hard to make major changes in the middle of the ocean, but I couldn’t let him keep burning energy in unnecessary motions like that.

    I’m not looking forward to getting back on a plane, but I am stoked for actually being in Charlotte. I’ll try and get good pictures and I think I should have a cool video from the race not too long after it!