I spent all day sneezing… my allergies are on the fritz… I’m not particularly excited about this development. During the day I even got to the point of putting on some emergency goggles that I hide in my desk to see if they would keep me from scratching out my eyes. They sort of worked but you can’t really wear goggles all day while working on a computer!

goggles and glasses, it'll catch on just wait

I decided to try and fix it the way I try and fix everything else, salt water :) After work I ran home and grabbed a suit and my swim stuff then made my way to the beach. It was a really pretty day and there were lots of surfers in the water.

Best I can tell the water was somewhere between 52-53 based on what I saw online. All the surfers were wetsuited, most with boots on… I was just in a jammer and rash guard. This was a cold water acclimatization exercise for me. I really want to be able to handle these low 50′s temperatures and the only way to get used to it is to get out there! I probably waded in the water working my way deeper and deeper for about 15 minutes. The only problem with Pismo is that it’s really shallow so I had to go really far out to find water that went up to my chest.

Eventually I got a grip on the cold thing and started diving through waves and swam further out. The few surfers out where I was had no idea what to think of the crazy guy in the swim cap and no wetsuit.

I spent around 30 minutes-ish in the water. Towards the end I was convinced I could feel my organs getting cold so I felt it was best to trek back to the beach. I didn’t have much luck with the body surfing this time around. I just couldn’t quite catch one so I had to just swim in the old fashioned way. Tomorrow I should be down in Santa Maria for a pool workout and I’ll be trying to talk one of the guys into swimming at Avila on Wednesday night.

If you want more pictures from the beach I have a whole bunch more over on Facebook!

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