getting ready on the beach... no wetsuit today, just a rash guard

I’m still a little cold but I’m happy with today’s outing… not everything went according to plan, but at least there were people in the water with. A surprising number of people actually! I decided that I’m done with my wetsuit for right now. Even though the water is in the way low 50′s (the ocean buoy from the NOAA is reporting 51 right now so it was probably 52 at the beach!), I spent a long time in the water today and for the most part I held up really well. I felt cold but it wasn’t more than I could deal with.

Before going to the beach I got an email from one of the guys that drops in with us occasionally saying he’d try to get out there. I also heard we might have visitors from one of the local tri clubs starting to come out and swim with us so I was on the look out for all kinds of different people. Eventually I saw some people start getting in on the north side of the pier. Once I saw someone break into a freestyle I knew these were the people I was looking for. I grabbed my cap and goggles and waded on over there to say hi. I talked to some of them in the waves for a while and got used to the temperature for a bit. They had mainly planned to stick with the buoy line on that side of the pier. I figured I’d swim with them and do the same thing. I kept looking for my other guy but I didn’t see him.

After swimming down the line and back I hung out in the water for a while and talked with the new swimmers. It sounds like they’re stoked on the idea of coming out fairly regularly which is cool with me! When they started to turn towards shore I sprinted a little bit just to warm up and I felt good in the water. Apparently I had cooled down to optimal temperature :)

On the beach I met up with my girlfriend who said my other swim buddy had shown up a little late. He ended up getting in solo on the other side of the pier. I felt bad that I missed him and hopped back in the ocean in an attempt to chase him down and at least swim what was left of his workout with him. I got about 3/4 of the way down the pier and just couldn’t find him. I lost the dude in the waves and sunshine. I swam under the pier to see if he had circled it but he wasn’t there either. Eventually I gave up and got back out. He had made a left towards the far buoy on the south side and I just couldn’t see him through the chop. I stayed on the beach and watched the rest of his swim to make sure he didn’t get in any trouble. Hopefully next time we can get everyone coordinated on the same part of beach before we get in and keep everyone together.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Santa Maria for my regular Thursday workout, and I’m planning to hit CVMM’s Friday night workout on my way to swim at the SPMA SCY Championships in Mission Viejo this weekend!

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