last trip to the pool before ATL

Today has been extremely busy so I was very pleased to have a brief escape to the pool for lunch to get in one last swim before I jet off to USMS Nationals. The sun was shining in Santa Maria and the water felt great. My arms felt a little weird though because I had that creepy just shaved feeling going on. I swam our stock warm up and then detached from the group to go do some faster stuff. 25′s from mid pool to work on turns. A couple starts. Some slow stuff. After 1000 yards I was ready to roll out. I just wanted to have that feel for the water and soak in a little sunshine before I start my travels.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

6 x 25 sprints from mid pool focused on turns

easy 50

2 25 sprints off the blocks, easy 25′s back

100 slow

1000 yards total

I’ve been checking in intermittently with the real time results from the meet and it looks like everyone is doing well. I connected some friends from different parts of the country to count for each other in the 1650 and they both had good swims so I’m stoked about that! As the meet goes on you can watch the results here.

Tonight I’m getting on a plane in SLO just before 9pm to get me to SFO, at 11pm I take off for Cleveland, and tomorrow morning the last leg of my epic journey will put me in Atlanta before lunch. I’m hoping championship excitement and adrenaline keep me going through to my 100 fly in the afternoon!!! If you see me on deck stop me and say hi… I’d like to meet everybody that reads the blog to say hello and thank you!

To get the rest of you excited, here’s a video preview of the meet from USMS. They’re going to be doing a lot of video stuff, Facebooking, tweeting etc. during nationals if you want to stay up on what’s going on at Georgia Tech. If you’re into twitter you can follow me at @smsrob or you can watch the #USMS hashtag to see what’s going on!

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