I got home last night from North Carolina and first thing this morning I was back in the truck on my way to the beach to go swim at Avila Beach. I left earlier than usual because I knew the parking situation was going to be pretty out of hand. Plus I had to make a stop at the grocery store for some food. On holidays that we swim on we do a little pot luck lunch on the beach so I picked up some chips, salsa and brownies. The drive out was really foggy and Avila was fogged in as well. You could tell that it was going to burn off and leave us with a beautiful day though.

before the fog burned off

I went down to the ocean early and checked out the water to see how cold it felt. Apparently my cold water tolerance is broken! The water was 55, which is pretty warm compared to what we’ve seen recently but 22 degrees colder than the Lake in North Carolina on Saturday! My feet were burning up from the cold. Not good seeing as I’m planning on swimming the San Francisco Bay in a few days without a wet suit. My plan right now was to wear a wet suit today, try to get in the ocean even if I don’t swim on Tuesday night without a suit to re-acclimate, swim suit-less on Wednesday night, and try to get in the Bay on Friday when I get into town. We’ll see how that goes, worst case scenario I end up wrapped in rubber and get scored in a different division for next Saturday’s race.

feet in the water :0

getting ready on the beach

We had a pretty decent crowd out there today. I think we got in with 7 and finished with 8 (Don got in late and caught up to us at the end of the pier). Our original plan was to swim the south end of the buoy line, return to the pier, swim around the top of the pier and down to the first buoy on the north side of the pier, and then circle the whole north end of the buoy line. We ended up deviating from that plan a little bit because there were so many fisherman on the pier. Once we got to the top of the pier we decided to swim straight to the far buoy instead of down the pier to avoid fish hooks. There was a pretty healthy swell building as we got further into our swim. For whatever reason there wasn’t any surf to speak of at the beach but plenty of action beyond the buoy line. All told we probably did around 1 1/2 miles.

Pete getting in

Don after catching up with us

me floating around

At the end of our swim I really didn’t want to get out, but it didn’t sound like anyone was up for some bonus mileage. I even thought about taking off the wet suit and getting back in just to get back into the swing of being cold but instead made my way to where we were sitting to get some food. By now the beach was packed with people and Avila was completely overrun with tourists. After hanging out for about 45 minutes I packed up and went home. Hopefully I can find a few excuses and partners to hit the ocean with me during the week.

the beach is filling up...

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