So USMS Nationals is next week now :o I guess I should probably think about tapering huh? Seeing as I train in all kinds of different places with people not necessarily doing the same types of events as me it’s tough to get into that taper rhythm. Today’s workout was good, but probably the wrong thing for what I’m doing next week. My other problem is immediately after tapering down for a handful of sprint events I go into a ton of long distance open water stuff. I have some very diametrically opposed swims on the agenda. I think I’m going to keep at my usual ocean swim schedule, but scale down my pool swims. Today I did the full workout at Santa Maria, but Thursday I might scale it back. We’ll see what I really end up doing. Anyways, here’s today’s workout:


Repeat x 2
3 x 50 kick @1:00
2 x 75 swim @ 1:15 (was supposed to be pull by my buoy blew away!)
100 IM

8 x 50

3000 yards total

While in the water I spent a lot of time really focusing on my stroke. Where my hands were going, where my elbows were, etc. I’m going to have to watch that Fran Crippen DVD a few more times to absorb as much of it as I can.

In other swimming news… Jeff Commings, a USMS World Record Holder and Writer for Swimming World Magazine, just released a new book! It’s called ‘Odd Man Out – True Stories of a Gay Black Swimmer.’

Here’s a little snippet from the press release he sent me this morning:

“Jeff Commings was the first African-American to win a gold medal in swimming at the Olympic Festival and was the first African-American swimmer to compete at the Pan-American Games, but he went through his swimming career feeling like he was just like everyone else – except when it came to his sexuality. Commings spent all of his teenage years and most of his 20s afraid to live openly as a gay man. Though he was a member of several USA Swimming national teams and competed in two Olympic Trials, his fear of rejection from those he loved and respected severely affected his life socially and athletically.”

I’m excited for Jeff and can’t wait to have a copy of his book in hand to read. I ordered a copy today, it’s $20 plus shipping. Go here if you want to order your own copy!

7 Responses to “I Should Probably Start Tapering…”

  1. Ahelee says:

    I hear your concern Rob about all the upcoming open water races… but I’d stay out of the OW until after Atlanta.

    You’re in great shape – you won’t loose a thing.
    But get in FAST pool racing mode now!
    Thats’ just my 1 cent advice…

  2. Jinxi says:

    I totally agree with Ahelee… you SOOOOO have the work & time already put into the equation already. Your OWs will rock after Nationals.

    That book looks so fantastic! I saw your review yesterday and really want to read it. Thanks for the great synopsis.

    Can’t believe how quickly everything is coming about. I’m so grateful that I met you and found your blog in January. It (the blog) and YOU (as in you) have helped me more than you can know. You rock!!

  3. Jinxi says:

    Sorry for the extra “already” up there. I didn’t proofread it before I hit “submit” – ha ha

  4. Rob D says:

    Thanks guys. I know I’ve got the base in there, but when I get emails reminding me of how close my Around the Rock Alcatraz swim is I get a little nervous about being prepped for it!

    Jinxi – I’m glad I’ve been able to help! that’s one of my major goals with the blog… to get people involved and excited about swimming!

  5. MastersSwimmerINhiroshima says:

    Hi Rob,
    Just a note from the east…far far east that is :) I am an avid follower of your blog site and look forward to your training, competition-related trials and tribulations almost everyday from Hiroshima, Japan. Great 200yd. breaststroke swim at Mission Viejo which I followed live via your live-feed link.

    Japan’s masters swim community is 70,000+ and growing (according to their website data). The majority of meets are SCM with a sprinkling of LCM locally and nationally. To give you an idea of masters meet proliferation at our local level (Hiroshima, 7th largest metropolis=city of approximately 1million) that are less than an hours drive away- annually we have roughly give or take 5~7 meets.

    Keep up the great coverage and insightful opinions.

  6. Rob D says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment… I’ve seen regular visits from Hiroshima in my analytics and always wondered who it was reading me out there! It’s nice to finally hear from you :)

    Thanks for the insight into Japan’s Masters scene. I didn’t realize you guys had so many members. One of these days I’ll have to find my way out to one of your meets… I’m going to have to save up for a little while first though!

  7. MastersSwimmerINhiroshima says:


    BTW, I too try to coincide my academic conferences with other nation’s masters meets- mostly those countries close to Japan.


    South Korea: difficult to find since I am not fluent in reading Korean. There may be some meets but haven’t found any yet.

    Taiwan: One masters meet that aims to welcome participation from abroad. I recall the site being in Japanese as well as english.

    China: Have yet to find any yet I am not fluent in written chinese.

    Hongkong: The ex-colony of Hongkong seemed initially a good choice for a lot of reasons you can well imagine. The Hongkong Swimming Federation has annually at least six masters meets in SCM and LCM. “Unsponsored entrants” or those with no local team affiliations are required to have their National FINA approved associations write a letter certifying that you are a card-bearing member. In my case, not the Japanese Masters Swim Association (which I am a member and which part of my dues go toward FIN
    A) but the Japanese National Swim Federation! You can well imagine what is is like asking the JNWF for a letter for a non-elite swimmer like myself!! I maybe be wrong but I can only conclude that that this is to keep non-resident swimmers from making “swimming” holiday plans outside of Japan…etc? Oh well.

    Singapore: I have found at least one annual masters meet open to non-Sigaporeans who care to partake.

    Guam or Saipan: Have not found any…yet!