It was a beautiful day for a lunchtime swim! The sun was shining and there were about 7 of us doing the workout today. I’ve noticed a bump in attendance from the general public for lap swim recently… it must be nearing summertime. Normally we get away with just splitting lanes amongst our little masters group but today one lane had to resort to circle swimming… oh the humanity :p For what it’s worth a pool full of adults on their lunch break isn’t that bad, the thing I’m really dreading is summer vacation when all kids come out to scream and pee in our nice little pool. I’m guessing I have a month left before that goes down. Note to self, enjoy the silence.

We had an interesting workout, lots of variable speed stuff in there. It felt good to go fast, but at some point I tweaked something around my collarbone that made swimming really uncomfortable. I didn’t stop, but it didn’t strike me as a good thing. I’m hoping whatever it was goes away by itself because that’s a crappy place to hurt yourself if you’re aquatically inclined.

Warm Up
10 x 100 @ 1:45 (mainly free, did 1 fly)

6 x 50 kick @ 1:00
12 x 25 variable speed (easy/fast, fast/easy, easy, fast)

12 x 50 @ :55
1 easy 1 fast (fast breaststroke)
2 easy 2 fast (fast fly)
3 easy 3 fast (fast free)

2800 yards total

Tomorrow I’ll be out at the beach in Avila but I don’t know if anyone is joining me, my regular swim buddy is heading out of town through the weekend. I heard one of the triathlete clubs put our Wednesday night swim into their newsletter so we’ll see if any of them show up.

In other news….

I got an email today that alerted me to an event going on that could be fun for those of you that dig postal swims. Arizona Masters are hosting the Phoenix 500 postal. It’s a USMS sanctioned event and works just like any other postal. Race the prescribed distance anywhere you please but within the rules of the postal. Send in your splits and at the end of the month (this event ends May 31st) you will be ranked within your age group. And just a side note if you want to do this swim, you can wear your tech suit for it… the Postal is SCY and finishes before the rules change!

Get all the info on the Phoenix 500 Postal here!

Lastly, my buddy Glenn over at GoSwim just put out a new drill and I’d like you to pay very close attention… to his suit! He’s rocking a RobAquatics Banana Hammock! Awesome! Oh and the drill is pretty good too :)

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