As everyone gets home from Atlanta more and more pictures and videos start popping up from the meet which is good because I was a little delinquent in my picture taking this weekend. Here’s a few pictures and videos I grabbed from my friends :)

Me and Jinxi… she wrote a great write up on her blog over here

Me and David, he joined CVMM and USMS to just swim with us this weekend! Check out that RobAquatics swimsuit he’s rocking in there! The first one was taken by Becky, the second one is lifted from David’s twitter stream.

Saturday’s wrap up from USMS. Me and the CVMM Mixed 200 Medley Relay make and appearance about a minute and a half in. There’s also a short clip of me starting the 100 free in the last 10 seconds of the video.

My 50 Free filmed by my friend Becky… listen for the “ohhh he missed the wall!” because I totally did!

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