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at the pool way too early

We wrapped up the SPMA Champs today and even though you could see a lot of empty blocks thanks to a mix of mother’s day and 3rd day meet fatigue, there was still some fast swimming going on at the pool. The weather wasn’t quite as nice as yesterday, less sun and more wind today, but still way better than anything we had early on in the season (like the Rose Bowl rain storm meet). I got to the pool a little before the 1650 got started… I didn’t necessarily mean to get there that early, but the upside is I got to grab a lane all to myself in the warm up pool for a pretty long time. Normally I don’t do big warm ups at meets, but seeing as I had all that water to myself I stayed in for a pretty long time.

My first event of the day was the 400 Medley Relay. We actually had a pretty strong relay put together. Brad was our lead off backstroker, Ahelee took breaststroke, I swam fly and Jinxi swam the freestyle anchor leg. Everybody had good swims and it was a lot of fun to get a relay in with my friends. Plus it’s good practice for Atlanta in a couple of weeks!!! For my part of the race I wasn’t feeling 100% but I could tell I was moving at a pretty decent pace. According to the results I came in at a 59.1, I really think I’ve got it in me to swim a low 58 or even a high 57 in Atlanta at Nationals if I just hold it together! I might have dipped under 59 if I would have worked my finish a little different. I hit an awkward point where it was glide in or that a short stroke to finish. In a solo race I would have glided in, but in a relay I took the stroke. I was worried if I took an extended glide in I might draw Jinxi off the block a little early so I threw that last choppy stroke in so it was obvious when and how I was going to finish. The team finished in 4:15 and I think everyone was really happy with that. I’ve got some pictures of the relay below and a video of the whole race at the bottom!

Brad's backstroke start

Ahelee launching into the breaststroke

me finishing the 100 fly

Jinxi hitting the wall to end the race!

The relay was good warm up for my main event of the day, the 200 breaststroke. My ongoing breaststroke feud with my friend Sarah B. had one distance uncovered and today was my chance to lay down a hot time in the 200. My major goal today was to defeat her 200 time to give me a clean sweep of the breaststroke events. I needed to be at a 2:38 or better, my previous best (and only time) was around a 2:43. The plan going in was to squeeze every last yard out of my pull downs and not smoke myself out in the first 100. I think I achieved both of those, but maybe I should have pushed a little harder early on. I split it like this: 34, 40, 43, 40. I wasn’t near tired enough at the end to have done it right, and I was 1 second shy of where I needed to be. I came in at a 2:39! Oh well, I guess I can let her  have one :p Now I just need to get through Nationals without her overtaking my 50 and 100 times and I get to be the interim 28 Year Old Twitter-er SCY Breaststroke Champion… it’s a pretty prestigious title if not a little specific.

At this point I kind of wanted to just hop in the car and drive home. I only had the 50 free left and I was feeling the weight of the weekend in my shoulders. One of my teammates was seeded into the lane right next to me for it so I decided to stay just so we could race each other. I felt good off the start but way heavy in my arms. At the 25 I was doing pretty well, but Ahelee thinks I pushed a little too deep off the turn. Me and Brad held pretty close together through the whole thing but he got me by about 2 tenths of a second. I might have some video of this one later. I guess it was pretty interesting to watch because we were neck and neck but swim totally differently. I take big, long strokes and Brad has a much quicker turn over.

After the 50 I warmed down a bit and packed up my stuff to get out of there. I said by to everybody and realized the next time I see most of them is at Nationals. A lot of my friends are going out this year so I’m pretty stoked for it. The one thing I wasn’t stoked for was my drive home… I got out of there around 3:30 and didn’t get home until 9. Granted I made a stop in the middle, but it was only half an hour. Hooray traffic! Anyways, as it becomes available I’ll post some video from my friends over at, and anything else that might come my way.

2 Responses to “2010 SPMA SCY Championships Wrap Up, Day 3”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Yay! Such an awesome wrap-up!

    It was so fun swimming the relay with you and it was no sweat on the exchange – I thought you totally did the right thing and I was just trying to track you in. =)

    You killed it in the 200 Breast! I think you are such an awesome breaststroker (shhh… the secret is safe). And Brad and you were so fun to watch race in the 50 Free!

    Killer drive home, man. Oh wow… 9 pm? I’m so sorry! At least you will get to Atlanta in about the same amount of time, eh? =)

  2. Rob D says:

    You’re not kidding dude, the drive was such a grind last night… I’m normally much luckier with the escape from LA.

    I’m glad we got to swim a relay together and I can’t wait to do it again in ATL! We need to start bugging Nancy and Ahelee to figure out which relays the team will be able to do.

    Thanks for keeping my breaststroking on the DL… maybe by next year I’ll be kind of good at it even, who knows? :)