200 fly, picture taken by Steve

Today was day 2 of the SPMA Champs in Mission Viejo and day 1 for me. It was a really nice day at the pool… warm and sunny with lots of swimmers on deck. It was fun for me to be back at a SoCal meet as well, it feels like forever since I’ve swam something in SPMA. I got to the pool a little after the 500 had gotten underway and found my CVMM teammates on the far end of the pool. We got the tents set up and I got my chance to catch up with everybody.

My first swim of the day was the 200 fly and as usual I was dreading it. Since my schedule for today was pretty light I figured I had to do this thing. I landed in heat 3 out of 4 right next to my friend Jim from up north. He was seeded a second faster than me so my major goal was to keep up with him. My secondary goal was to swim a into the teens from my previous 2:22.

I'm in the middle, Jim is to the left of me

I started off pretty fast, about a 1:03, I didn’t mean to (the plan was 1:05) but it felt ok. During the first 100 I saw Jim on all the turns because I was a little bit ahead, after that I never saw him again because he was right on top of me. I started hating life around the 125 marker. I held together really well even though I was hurting on the inside. The people watching my race said you couldn’t really see any struggle in my stroke until the last 25. I couldn’t tell if I was hurting so bad because I was going fast or because I haven’t been swimming enough fly in workouts. Once I hit the wall I got my answer… fast :) I swam a 2:15 which is a 7 second drop from my time in Wisconsin. I managed to stay just a little bit ahead of Jim, but I doubt I beat him by more than a second.¬†After my swim my brain was thumping and I think I saw a few stars… I don’t think my body appreciates the 200 fly. Upside is I don’t think I’ll be in danger of doing another one until September or October.

A little while later there was the presentation of the SPMA Coach of the Year. There were some really good coaches nominated, but ultimately it was Coach Chad from Rose Bowl who won. I’m stoked for Chad, I really like him. He has a good group of swimmers and he’s a super nice guy. Also I totally called it last year… he was my guess for Coach of the Year back in April of 2009.

Coach Chad after high five-ing all his swimmers

I had a while afterwards before my next event so I spent a bunch of time on deck and in the bleachers talking to people. I met the coach from SOBA and talked to him for around 20 minutes talking about his program and his philosophy on coaching. I really like how he thinks, next time I’m down south I want to try and drop in with his team and check them out in action. I got to talk to my buddy Errol for a while as well, it had been a while since I’d seen him in person.

My last 2 races were just 50′s and honestly they kind of sucked. The 200 fly is a bit of a day ender for me and I felt that bad boy in all the rest of my swims. My 50 breast was a high 31 which is about a second above my current best time. My 50 fly was a high 27 which really sucks for me. Oh well. It’s good race practice which is all I was looking for this weekend.

Ahelee in the warm up pool

Once I was done with the meet I split for my hotel to get checked in and then I turned around and made my way back to Mission for the meet social. I hung out mainly with a bunch of Nadadores and talked about today’s races, tomorrow’s events and plans for nationals. I spent a bunch of time talking with Maureen who I think is around 86, and swam every event today except the 2fly. She’s a funny lady… I hope to someday be that old, and be swimming! A little later on my coach Ahelee and Cokie from the Marin Pirates showed up and we had dinner out on the patio at the place the social was going on. It overlooked Lake Mission Viejo and was a really good time.

Tomorrow I’ve got the 100 fly on a relay, the 200 breast, and the 50 free. Hoping for some good swims. Oh and just a reminder, LiveSwim.net are out there live streaming the event here. Go check out the site during the day tomorrow!

2 Responses to “2010 SPMA SCY Championships Wrap Up, Day 2”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Love the photos!! You look awesome in those fly shots!!
    Your 200 Fly was so fun to watch – you rocked that race, mister!!!

    So cool for Chad too!!

    Yay for a great day!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks! My heads up fly might not be ideal technically but it makes for some good photo ops :) And thank you again to Steve for being my temporary voluntary photo crew!