I don’t know what it is about the first of April that makes everybody want to launch new product… it must be the excitement of spring time, yeah that’s it. Anyways I just wanted to share some of the cool new stuff out there with you guys so you can remain on the cutting edge of the swim world!

all I'm saying is what took so long?

First up is a new line of super hero themed suits from blueseventy… they sent me a note about these this morning and I have to say that I’m very impressed! Since they’re a tour sponsor I’m hoping I can get one of these before Nationals in Atlanta. You can read more about the unbelievable technical advances over at the SCAQ blog. And while you’re there you need to watch Tony’s animated imaginary conversation with Craig Lord… let’s just say it involves rubber tech suits and spankings.

Next up is a fantastic development from TYR, they’ve managed to bottle techsuit fabric! Shake up the can and spray on your suit, genius! With as much as tech suit coverage rules change it really is smart to have the ability to custom create your suit each time you go out… no word on the price just yet, but I may have to get a can in the name of science. Find more reporting on this scientific breakthrough over at Collegeswimming.com and Swimming World Magazine.

Not to be outdone by the suit manufactures, GU has launched a new line up of flavors with hits like: Limburger Cheesy Squeezy, Pimento Loafer and Sassy Sardine. Normally I like GU’s strawberry banana, but being from Wisconsin I have to say that the new Venison Vengeance flavor speaks to me :) Check out all the flavors here.

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