Some of you may have seen one of my RobAquatics suits roaming the aquatic wilderness of various oceans, lakes and pool decks recently. Well now you can buy one if you’re so inclined! My friends over at Splish have added the RobAquatics suit to their line up and you can order dude and chick versions in whatever size you’d like. I think this is beyond cool :)

Guys, you can get your own RobAquatics banana hammock over here for $27.50

Ladies, you can get a RobAquatics swimsuit over here for $49.95

RobAquatics suits found in the wild at PacMasters Champs

I realize my personal taste in suits is… um… unique. If the RobAquatics suit isn’t necessarily for you go check out the rest of the stuff on the Splish site. They make a ton of fun and interesting suits on top of doing custom work. I’m a big fan and have quite a few Splish suits in my collection.

2 Responses to “Want a RobAquatics Swimsuit? Now You Can Get One From Splish!”

  1. Jinxi says:

    No way! That is totally fantastic!!!

    You are a legend, mister.

    Love it!!!!

  2. Rob D says:

    this is most likely the greatest moment in my blogging “career” :)