I got to Wisconsin on Friday morning after traveling all night and promptly started my newly patented “Milwaukee Taper Process.” So here’s what you need to do, first sleep about an hour on an airplane while flying overnight and eating the worst crap you can find in each airport (anything involving tacos, sausage or gummy candy is preferred). Next soak in some culture. I spent a couple hours at the Milwaukee Art Museum which is pretty awesome.

at the Milwaukee Art Museum... I wanted to push it in the lake and sail it!

My favorite piece of the day - two figures with stripe by Robert Motherwell

Afterwards I had some lunch at a Korean place in town with my buddy Too Much Metal Fred who made my rad swim parka last year. This lunch was followed with another lunch with my grandma and my aunt. Eating lunch twice is obviously important to going fast the next day.

After lunch number two I made my way over to my friend Peter’s house because we had plans to hit the Brewers game. Since this is Wisconsin you don’t just go to the game… you *have* to get at least a little drunk and grill in the parking lot… those are the rules. I had a brat and some MGD which is probably a sport drink to somebody.

at a tailgate party... that Miller Genuine Draft is in a camo can

At the game I may have had another brat and an adult beverage… and some waffle fries. Again, all key ingredients to correct tapering. Unfortunately the Brewers lost in the 9th inning, but it was fun to hang out in the bleacher seats. On a Friday night the cheap seats are the place to be. The only downside to the game is that it ran forever! I didn’t get to bed until like 1am after essentially being up since Thursday.

in the bleachers at Miller Park

With all the greasy food, lack of sleep, and beers you’d think I would bomb at my swim meet the next morning… not so! I started off with my best time in the 50 free! So I believe the Rob D. Milwaukee Taper Process has been scientifically proven to my satisfaction. I may apply this to my next travel meet assuming I can find bratwurst in Atlanta :)

3 Responses to “The Rob D Milwaukee Taper Process”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Woo hoo – what fun! Now THAT’S a taper!! LOL

    I love your mustache shirt – that rocks!!

    And I have meant to ask you about your rad parka. Does he sell those – or was yours a special project?

    Looks so fun. I’m really glad you had such a blast!!

  2. Rob D says:

    My parka was a special project… I bought a parka from swimoutlet and had it shipped to Fred in Milwaukee and he awesomized it for me. I as a native Wisconsinite I really dig the mustache tshirts… I’m even a model now http://www.smacdesign.com/bernie-brewer-mustache-p-269.html check me out down on the bottom :)

  3. Jinxi says:

    Right on!
    I just saw your modeling photo! Woo hoo – awesome-ness!!! =)

    Your parka is rad! Fred did such an excellent job!!!