Just one more thing... a fast 500!

In the course of my day I managed to swim in both the Cal Lutheran pool in Thousand Oaks and the Rancho Simi Pool over in Simi Valley with the Conejo Valley Multisport Masters. I’m a little sore but happy :)

I got to the pool for my first swim around 6:45 and caught up with my buddy Peter in the parking lot. A few minutes later Jinxi showed up which was really cool because we’re both far away CVMM satellite swimmers who just happened to decided to show up to a practice on the same day. Inside the pool area we had all kinds of swimmers. I was one of the more crowded workouts I’ve seen there. Everybody was in a pretty good mood and Coach Jeff, also know as the “King of Pain,” was officiating over the workout.

We got in some pretty serious yardage this morning. There were a lot of 300′s in the mix, but he mixed in other sets between chunks of 300′s to keep it interesting. Normally I write out the workouts I do here in the blog, but honestly I can’t remember the whole thing… by my math we came in over 5000, I’m just not sure by how much.

After workout me and Jinxi went and hung out for a while at breakfast to kill some time until the Backstroke clinic got going at 11 out in Simi Valley. It was fun to hang out and talk outside of the pool for a bit!

Jinxi is all smiles mid-workout

At 11 we were on deck at the Rancho Simi Pool where coach Ahelee was giving some instruction on backstroke. Between Ahelee and her 200 backstroke world record and Coach Nancy’s experience as a national team backstroker backing her up you really couldn’t have asked for a better group of coaches to lead the clinic.

Today’s clinic was a 101 clinic meant for beginners, but we had a fair number of more experienced swimmers in the water to work on their fundamentals as well. The clinic was mainly made up of CVMM swimmers but we did have a couple of visitors from other teams in attendance. My friends Helene from a yet to be named masters team and Mike from Rose Bowl were both in the pool today with us. After about 45 minutes of classroom instruction on the finer points of backstroke we hopped in and started to apply it there in the water. Even though I would consider myself a pretty solid swimmer, backstroke is not my forte! I picked up a lot from today’s class and hopefully I can use some of this stuff to shave another second off of my 100IM!

Ahelee giving us some instruction

putting it all to work in the pool

After workout number two I went and hung out with Nancy, Ahelee and Jeff for a while. After misplacing a few hours I figured I should actually go home before it got to late! I had a really good day with my team and I’m glad I made the excursion! I’ve posted up a few pictures here on the blog, but I’ll probably have more over on the Rob Aquatics Facebook Fan Page later. It’s like 1am at my house and it’s time to go to bed!

3 Responses to “Swimming All Over the Conejo Valley”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Thanks for making it down Rob – and for the stealthly quick posted up report!

    Have a great time in Wisconsin at the Masters State Championships!

  2. Jinxi says:

    What a wonderful wrap-up of a wonderful day!
    It was SO much fun swimming with you (at both workouts) and enjoying breakfast and getting to talk.

    The clinic was so awesome. Like you, I know that those little techniques and extra bits of instruction will be so beneficial in IM swims (and maybe a few backstroke races too – woah, did I just say that? I think Ahelee inspired me to think I might be able to change the “backstroke mindset” – he he).

    Thank you for the photo you put up of me. Awwww… you totally rock! Is it ok if I steal it for my site and Facebook? And that flip turn shot of the feet in the air is rad!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!!
    Hugs, Jinxi

  3. Rob D says:

    Ahelee – thanks for running the clinic and hanging out afterwards! I had a really good day!

    Jinxi – grab any pictures you want! I think those are actually your feet btw :) I posted more on my Facebook page just now that have you in them as well.