How unreasonably rad is that? My friends over at Splish made me a little surprise present that showed up at my office today. The picture above is basically a drawing of a weird dream I had that was the subject of conversation at a swim practice a while ago. I drew a picture for illustratory purposes and now here it is on a banana hammock! You can see the inspiratory post over here. I am so geeked out on this! My Santa Maria workout friends are going to die laughing when they see this thing.┬áIf you’ve ever felt the urge to make a custom suit for you or your friends/team go check out Splish and their custom suit builder. All very cool stuff!

In other news I’ve decided to venture north yet again for some open water goodness. As much as I want to go play with my SoCal friends I need the open water time seeing as I have races ranging up to 4 1/2 and 6+ miles on my radar for this summer. I’m going to do the 1 and 2 mile races. You can still register online until tonight here, otherwise it looks like they’re accepting race day entries as well. All the info is available here.

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