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Just got back to the hotel after spending all day at day 2 of the 2010 PacMasters SCY Championships. There’s over 900 swimmers in attendance this weekend and there are some ridiculous times being laid down in the pool! All I’m saying is some dude popped off a 4:20 in the 500 free today… wow… Although I didn’t doing anything close to that fantastic I still had at least one really good race today, more on that in a bit.

Since I was at this meet last year I knew that the facility is parking-challenged so I showed up way early to get myself a spot for my car and my tent. Seems like everyone else was on the same program because the deck filled up pretty early. I made sure to get in and warm up in the competition pool for a bit even though it would be a long time until I actually needed to. Afterwards I ran into my friend/grudge match opponent Sarah and we went and grabbed a little something to eat since both of us had a while until we had to race.

Race number one today was the 100 fly. I swam my current best time in it last year at this meet so I was hoping to do that all over again today! I had a killer start and dolphin kicked almost too far on the first 25. I think I only counted 4 strokes which is about 2 lower that usual for me off a dive so I must have pulled really close to that 15m mark. I felt really good through the first 50 and wasn’t feeling much fatigue until the end of the 3rd 25. I saw that I was up towards the front of the heat so I pushed what I had left to get to that last wall. I just barely came in second in my heat, but the part I was much more interested in was my new best time! I finally swam a 58 after a long time stuck in the low 59′s. I swam a 58.7… my next major goal is to get down to a 57 :) After I got out a few of the guys that had been watching congratulated me and talked to me about my start and how relaxed I looked in my swim.

My second race was the 100 IM and it didn’t go quite as well. My back was really tightening up and giving me trouble later in the day. I knew I was off my game when I wasn’t one of the first guys to hit the wall at the end of the fly. My backstroke was ok, I swam fairly straight. My turn wasn’t so hot though. I misjudged the distance and it came out awkward. My breaststroke felt decent and my free was just fine. My time was a 1:04 something… not bad but not great.

Considering how tore up I was feeling I decided to pack it in early and skip the 50 fly, I swim it all the time anyways. After the meet I went out to dinner with some of the Walnut Creek swimmers in downtown Pleasanton. Tonight I’m just going to take it easy and rest my back, it’s pretty pissed off. I have 3 events tomorrow to contend with and I need to lay down some hot times!

3 Responses to “PacMasters 2010 SCY Championships Day 2 Wrap Up”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Soooooo outstanding on your 100 Fly! Woo hoo – you did it!
    That’s super rad!!!

    Of my four events yesterday, the 100 Fly was the only one I D-I-E-D in!
    I took it out nice, but the piano hit on my 4th lap – ugh!

    Good news is my 200 Free and two backstrokes were PBs – yay!
    I put up a little wrap-up on my site today.

    Awesome meet up at PacMasters. You rock!!

  2. Jinxi says:

    Oops – you just left me a comment (he he)… you are way ahead of me. =)

    Thanks for the kind words. I was stoked with the outcome (except for that fly – oh man, it got me good – ha ha).

    Yes, I think I’m going to hit UCI on Sunday. Maybe just do some short events. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Rob D says:

    Thanks! I was stoked with most of my races… I seem to have good luck at that pool!

    Hopefully I see you Sunday, it feels like forever since I swam a SoCal meet!