We were a little worried that the weather would be gross today, the wind was predicted to be really wild, but that never really came true. It actually skewed more towards beautiful. The water however was colder than I would have liked. According to an NOAA buoy in the area the water got all the way up to 58 degrees in the last week… today it dropped to 54! I should have swam on Monday!

Anyways my swim buddy wasn’t there and after a while I decided to just get in the water and work on my cold water tolerance. I wandered out in just a jammer and a rash guard. I worked my way into the water in stages. Legs… reproductive organs… stomach… chest and arms… and finally my noggin. The whole process took like 20 minutes!

ahh cold water on my um... man region

Once I was out there and acclimated I swam a little bit but not too much. One of my big rules is to not venture too far out into the ocean solo. While contemplating a trip back to the beach the perfect wave presented itself. It was way bigger than the rest of the waves in the set and hit in just the right place. I sprinted into position and felt myself get picked up by the wave. It was awesome! I was on top of the wave so long I started to get worried I was going to land face first on the beach! I haven’t body surfed a wave that well since I was a kid. I’m still smiling about it :)

After I got out of the water Niel showed up on the beach. He got hung up at work. He decided to just enjoy the beach a little bit since I had already been in. Afterwards we hung out in town and had dinner and talked for a while. We should be back in business at the beach on Sunday for what might end up being a longer than usual swim.

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