I made a stop in the ocean to say my goodbyes before I split town for the not so salt watery midwest coast. Me and Niel met up at 5:30 to get in a quick swim. We decided to do “the triangle” which consists of swimming to the buoy line, going down to the far end, turning back to the end of the pier, angling out to the end of the other buoy line, and coming back to the pier. It’s like a mile, maybe 1.15ish? Not sure.

We could tell from the beach it was going to be a little choppy but not too bad. The motion in the ocean was a little more dramatic in person once we got out there, but not unmanageable. The water was about 53 1/2 degrees and it wasn’t too bad to get used to (with the wetsuit on). It was really murky though. The visibility is usually poor, but today it was “where’d my hand go?” poor. When it’s like that the sunlight stops in all kinds of weird spots and makes me think there’s stuff swimming underneath me. At one point I was convinced something large and gray swam underneath me. Seeing as it was probably all in my head and I was far enough off shore there was nothing to be done about it I just quickened my pace and sprinted to the next buoy.

did anybody else see that!

On the last leg of the triangle we hit some really cold water. It felt like the temperature dropped about 3 degrees. Not sure how or why it would change like that right there, I’m just glad we hit it towards the end of the swim not the beginning!

Tomorrow I’m going to hit the pool in Santa Maria for one last outside swim and then I’m taking a red eye flight to the Magical Land of Wisconsin. If you want more pictures from tonights swim you can check them out over on Facebook.

2 Responses to “Just Enough Chop to Be Interesting!”

  1. EricT says:

    I thought those were ice chunks at first in the picture with all the foam! I was like whoa whoa wait a minute.

  2. Rob D says:

    Ha! Yeah dude, if those were ice chunks I don’t think I would have made the trip to the beach!