Someone get me a massage and an adult beverage stat! Oh boy… I just sucked today. I think my recent schedule all caught up with me in one day. Better today than this weekend I guess! I just never managed to get all the way into gear during our workout today. I loosely followed the workout, but modified heavily and spent more time focusing on stroke than speed. I had some FINIS Freestyler paddles and Forearm Fulcrums in my bag and messed around with them a lot.

300 swim
200 kick
100 pull

2 x 400 pull @6:00
4 x 200 swim @ 2:50 – a 50 for back cramp
6 x 100 swim @ whatever I felt like :)

2750 yards total

Tomorrow I’ll be at work all day and then just hanging out around town in the evening. Saturday I’m planning to split for SoCal I just don’t know where yet. I’m hoping for an ocean swim somewhere, there’s also a CVMM butterfly clinic that I want to go to if I can figure out a way. Sunday I’ll be at UCI for the last 1 day SCY Masters meet of the season. While I’m talking about meets… if you’re planning on going to the SPMA SCY Championships in Mission Viejo get signed up this weekend to get in on the early entry fee, it’ll save you a couple of bucks and get your name in the program. You can register online here!

the Forearm Fulcrums have a bit of a learning curve :)

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