Yay Wednesday night ocean swim! Seriously the best part of my work week hands down. I met Niel down by the beach and after a little bit one more guy joined us to go swim. Looks like word is getting out about Wednesday nights! Awesome!

Since I’m between two 2-day swim meets I didn’t want to be a hero and go too far today. We just did half the triangle. We swam to the end of the pier, out to the far buoy on the south end, back to the pier and then back to the beach. I got to do a quick sprint in the middle when one of the guys went off course to the wrong buoy. I chased him down to stop him and turn him back towards where we were supposed to be going. If he got too much further it would have been seaweed city.

I’ve got more pictures on Facebook if you want to check them out!

Tomorrow I’ll be down in Santa Maria working out. One of the guys was in need of some motivatory assistance so I trash talked him on Facebook and challenged him to a race tomorrow. It’ll either be a 100 free or a 100 IM… Mike can normally steamroll me in practice but I have a feeling I can keep it close in a one shot 100 yard swim.

3 Responses to “Heat Wave… We’re Up to 56 degrees in the Water!”

  1. Tracy B says:

    Dude – you’re killing me with the photos and superb weather! According to my physical therapist, I’m out of the pool/swimming through May. I’ll tell you one thing, once this shoulder heals, I’ll be back in the water e-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e-d-a-y.

  2. Rob D says:

    Lame! I hope once you hit the water again it’s all smiles and rainbows with no more pain! Are you going to hang out at PacMasters Champs this weekend?

  3. Tracy B says:

    You know, I thought long and hard about going – but I still can’t even lift my camera gear. So, I would have been the out-of-shape amoeba-like chic on the pool deck wearing a sling with nothing to do but get in the way. What fun is that? Now, seeing the results and #’s of attendees – I’m kinda kicking myself for not going.