I managed to get all the way down to Thousand Oaks in time to do a little swimming tonight! I didn’t think I’d get there in time for the Friday night workout, but I ended up with about 45 minutes to splash around which was great. Both coach Nancy and Ahelee were on deck and I split a lane with Jeff (who also happens to be our USMS President!).

Here’s what I managed to swim in the time I had:

400 swim

8 x 25 1 breath on :40

Repeat x 2 with fins
100 (25 easy, :10 rest, 75 build)
100 (2 x 25 easy on :10 rest, 50 build)
100 sprint

100 easy

1300 yards total

We were supposed to do 3 rounds of that main set but we ran out of time. I’m not totally heartbroken over it because I was hurting after 2 rounds! I swam both sprint 100′s under a minute which I thought was pretty good for me.

Afterwards about 5 of us went out for dinner to hang out for a bit. Now I’m at my coach’s place about to crash out for the evening… I need to be back up in about 6 hours to go swim again! I didn’t have the time to sneak in any pictures today, but I should get a bunch tomorrow.

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