So I was supposed to have a little race action at practice today but my opponent was nowhere to be found… apparently “real life” got in the way of lunchtime recess at the pool. Oh well… we’ll rematch shortly and soon I shall take my victory :) In the meantime due to forfiture I’ve deemed myself the default Santa Maria Masters Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of the World. (too much?)

The upside is I had another grudge match percolating with my friend Sarah B. for this weekend at PacMasters Championships anyways. Despite not being a breaststroker and that being her specialty I’ve decided that I should be able to beat her. There’s really no reason that I should be able to when you get down to it, but I don’t let that kind of logic cloud my judgement. We’re both swimming the 50 and 100 breast this weekend and my pride says that I have to beat this chick. I mean c’mon I am the Wisconsin 25-29 (uncontested) 50 breaststroke State Champion, an obvious force to be reckoned with in the breaststroke world! I don’t exactly remember how I managed to pick a swim fight with a girl, but it probably involved Twitter and Facebook trash talking. Anyways stay tuned this weekend to see who wins…

Back to what went on in the pool! We had about 7 or 8 swimmers today and one of the girls brought an old workout with her so we’d have something to do. I was pretty sore today from swimming and traveling and last night’s oceanic expedition, but I was still swimming pretty well.

600 mixer
400 kick
200 pull
300 drill/swim by 50

Repeat x 3 on descending interval (1:35, 1:30, 1:25)
4 x 100
between round 1 and 2 do a 200 kick, between 2 and 3 a 100 pull

3000 yards total

Tomorrow is basically resting and driving. I’ve swam every day since Saturday so I guess it’s time to sit one out. I’ll hit Pleasanton Friday night and be on deck at the PacMasters Championships Saturday morning though Sunday.

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