I had a good swim in Santa Maria today, we actually did butterfly! On purpose! We did a set 3 times through that involved 6 x 25 fly with fins. It doesn’t sound hard, and it shouldn’t be hard, but honestly it felt kinda hard. I’m glad we got this in this week because I signed up for the 2fly at Mission Viejo next week. Oddly enough I also signed up for the 200 breaststroke… not sure why. Downside is I have to swim the 200 breaststroke (for the second time ever), upside is it rekindled my breaststroke grudge match. The Twitter trash talking has already restarted, so once again I’ll have to pretend to be a breaststroker in order to retain my bragging rights. Today’s workout had a touch of breaststroke in it which was good… my pull downs are feeling pretty sharp right now, I think I’m going to be a threat in that 2breast, just wait and see!

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

Repeat x 3
6 x 25 fly w/ fins @:40
150 free

6 x 50 alt back and free @ :50
200 pull

6 x 50 alt breast free @ :55
200 pull

6 x 50 free @ :45

2800 yards total

I’m definitely still feeling Sunday’s lake swims but I swam ok. I’m sore all over my upper body, but not necessarily in a bad way. The nice part about today’s swim was that we got to do it while the sun was still out. After our workout the weather got kind of ugly and it even rained a bit. I’m hoping that rain stuff doesn’t stick around and ruin another Wednesday night ocean swim!

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