I swam with a Masters group at the South West YMCA in Greenfield just outside of Milwaukee this morning. Jim who swims with the group and reads the blog gave me an open invitation aways back so I made sure to let him know I was coming to town so I could drop in and swim with him. He got me all set up with a pass so that I could come in and workout  with him and the rest of the group.

The pool is a pretty normal for a nicer newer YMCA pool… really shallow on one end, narrow lanes, and waaay too hot for swimmers. It’s a nice pool, it’s just not set up with the more competitive swimmer in mind. The one big surprise was that it’s a meter pool! I was not expecting a SCM workout at all so that was cool.

We had a pretty good crowd and the workout was just what I needed. Mondays are their more distance focused day which is good because I had a whole weekend of swimming to get out of my system! Here’s the workout I did:

200 swim
100 kick

200 catch up drill

1400 swim (150 swim, 50 kick)

12 x 75 free (descend 1-3)

600 IM

3400 meters total

I felt pretty strong towards the beginning but I have to admit that heat and stuffy indoor pool air got to me. It’s a hard thing to adjust too when you get to swim outside everyday. Upside to swimming indoors though is I can hold a straight line in backstroke thanks to the lines on the ceiling!

After the workout I hung out in the pool for a bit and talked to the coach who leads the group. He gave me the run down on what they’re all about and the big range of swimmers they have. The group is more fitness focused but they do have triathletes and even a swimmer who has been to trials. Anyone can swim with them, they just have to sign up for the class through the Y.

Once I got out of the Y I ran into one of the guys from the workout in the parking lot and he invited me out to breakfast with him. So I got to hang out for a little while and chat before running home to the hotel. Now I need to finish packing and start making my way towards the airport. I’ll be back in California tonight and I should be in the pool in Santa Maria tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Dropping In with the Masters at the SW YMCA”

  1. Jinxi says:

    How fun!
    You are a jet-setting swimmer…sneaking in great practices in all corners of the country. =)

    Awesome! Sounds so fun!!!

  2. Rob D says:

    I’m just getting started… this is major away meet number one for the year… things really start moving next month with Nationals and then doesn’t really slow down until September!