Today was kind of odd. We finished with 6 swimmers but everyone showed up at different times and pretty much did their own thing. I was in first and everyone else showed up in like 10 minute increments. One of the guys was doing 4 x 500 free so I latched on to the general shape of that workout but I did my own thing within it.

200 swim
100 kick

500 (400 IM plus 100 swim)
500 kick
500 mish mash of what ever I felt like (pull w/ paddles, kicking, 100 fly, etc)
500 (2 x 100 fly mixed with free)

2300 yards total

I tried to mix a bunch of fly in there to get ready for this weekend. I have a 50/100/200 fly that I’m signed up for in the Wisconsin State meet. My 100s felt fairly smooth in the pool, not super fast but correct. I’ll worry about the fast part on Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow I have plans to play in the ocean and then I’ve got one more swim in Santa Maria before I split town. I’m still looking for a Friday afternoon/evening swim spot in the Milwaukee area if anybody has one for me!

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