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Finished up the Wisconsin State Masters Meet today and had a ton of fun! I swam 3 events plus an exhibition relay with my fellow Californians and had some pretty good times in the process. I’d like to start off by pointing out that yours truly is the 25-29 State Champion in 5 different events… in the amount of context I’ve given you that should be fantastically impressed… I’d like to leave out that in a few of those races I was first and last in my age group.

my winnings from the weekend!

I started today with the 50 fly. I had a pretty decent race but it wasn’t great. I guess I was a little groggy still. I swam a mid 26 which is about par for the course for me this season. I’m still hoping to break into the 25s this year.

Not too long after I was back up on the blocks for the 100 freestyle. I was a little tired still when I got up on the blocks but I really wanted to get out a good race. I tried to work my start as much as possible and dolphin kicked out pretty far. By the time I got to the 3rd turn I was feeling pretty rough. I kicked out everything I had left in the last 25 and came in at a 56.13. I really wanted a 55 but I guess that’s close enough. If nothing else it’s a best time! I’ve got a few more shots at it in yards before the season’s over.

My last individual event was the 200 fly. After unsuccessfully trying to find an excuse to not swim it I gave up and just did it! I was seeded right next to Mike from Mission Viejo and my major goal was to stay ahead of him. Our 100 times are pretty close together and I know he has a pretty good 200.  I took out my first 100 at as mellow of a pace as I could so I wouldn’t die on the second one. Mike started pulling up on me during that 3rd 50. I tried to pick it up as much as I could but I was running out of steam. I managed to hold him off but he got pretty close! I swam a 2:22 which is a best time by default since I’ve never swam it before in short course yards.

Mike and David before the Californian Medley Relay

Pretty soon after that I was behind the blocks for my last race of the day, the 200 medley relay. Since we were an exhibition relay (4 swimmers from 4 different teams, same LMSC though) we decided to modify the medley format a bit… our relay was all butterfly! Me, Mike and Julie are all butterflyers so instead of finding a backstroker and breaststroker we just went all fly :) Our relay actually turned out pretty solid despite the 3 of us just having done the 200 fly. We swam like 1:58ish. Everyone was pretty happy with their swims and David, our only non-flyer, swam a pretty hot time as well and was pretty stoked that he could do that in a fly event.

Afterwards me and Mike and Julie hit Culver’s one more time just to make sure we got our fill of the local fatty goodness. I followed that up with some time visiting family. Tomorrow I’ll be up early swimming with a local masters team and then flying back to California!

4 Responses to “2010 Wisconsin Masters Meet Wrap Up – Day 2”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Super awesome!
    Congrats on all of your fantastic swims.

    Your 100 Free looked great. Your dolphin kick out was beautiful and you looked so controlled and strong!!

    Thanks for the fun wrap-up. So cool that you went to this meet!

  2. Rob D says:

    thanks! the more time I can handle being under water the better I do… I just wish I had the lungs to keep it up later into my races!

  3. SwimmingforME says:

    way to clean up on the awards! Nice times too.

  4. Rob D says:

    thanks! It was a good little ego boost before I go to Pacific Masters Champs and get steamrolled by the competition up there!