I had a rough day at the office. It felt like my brain was trying to escape my head all day… not bueno. I wasn’t sure if swimming was going to help or hurt, but I figured fresh air and chlorine fix everything so I might as well try!

I hit the gym right after work and reminded myself why I typically don’t do that! The pool was pretty busy and I was sharing my lane with between 2 and 4 other people. Generally that’s not a big deal in a long course pool, but when every one is doing their own thing and no one is the same speed it gets real messy real quick! I was the fast guy in the lane so I ended up doing a lot of passing and weaving. Sometimes I just turned at the middle of the pool to find open water… and speaking of open water, the wind was out of control tonight! We had little baby whitecaps in the pool and wind spray when you’d swim towards the far wall. It was nuts! So instead of long course meters, I’ve decided today’s swim will be measured in OCM (obstacle course meters).

200 swim
200 kick
350ish swim (would have been pull but my buoy was blown away!)
200 swim

10 x 100 mainly free with a few 50′s of stroke mixed in

200 kick
100 swim

2250 ocm total

After my swim I drove down to the edge of downtown San Luis Obispo and just took a walk. I probably walked about 2 miles around the city without much purpose, a good use of my time for sure! I probably need to do that a little more often. I can’t wait until the sun starts staying up later so I can cruise the beach in the daylight during the evenings.

2 Responses to “Today’s Swim Was in Obstacle Course Meters”

  1. Jinxi says:

    OCM – I love it!
    And woah… your buoy got blown away. Now that IS some wind!!

    The walk sounds wonderful and like just what you needed after a long day. I’m with you, I can’t wait for summer evenings… nothing compares. ;)

  2. Rob D says:

    The wind was pretty crazy, the hot tub was full of pool gear that had blown into it! I feel like a whiner for complaining about sharing a lane though… I’m spoiled living out here in the middle of nowhere.