After work today I felt highly compelled to make a trip to the beach. It pushed up into the low 80′s during the day and the sun was shining… no real reason to say no. Just in case I grabbed a jammer and my ocean swimming stuff on the way out.

When I got to the beach there were plenty of people hanging out. The bar was packed with the temporarily Irish and the beach was packed with college girls trying to soak up what sun they could. I made a bee line for the water to see what we were dealing with here. I knew it was going to be 53-54ish, but I wasn’t really ready for how cold it was going to feel! I walked in the water a bit and decided swimming without a wetsuit today was for crazy people.

A few minutes later I decided to go in a little deeper just because… eventually I talked myself into getting in for real. I tossed all my stuff up by the stairs to the beach and trekked into the ocean. It took a while for me to get all the way in. I probably spent like 10 minutes getting acclimatized.

Eventually I swam out and just enjoyed the water and the view. I didn’t swim any kind of real distance but I really needed to spend some time in the ocean, it just makes me happy. Cold too… brrrr. But you know what, water in the low 50′s is a good reminder you’re alive!

I brought out my camera today and got some video so you can live vicariously through my oceanic adventure :)

2 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Avila Beach Style”

  1. Jinxi says:

    So awesome!
    That video was fantastic. I love the “a few minutes later in the same spot” – ha ha.

    It looks so beautiful! COLD… but beautiful!
    Cold water tolerance training – I love it! =)

  2. Rob D says:

    It was too nice to not get in… luckily I’m pretty well insulated! When I grow up I want to be walrus like in my cold water tolerance… If I’m not going to be super fast I need a different superpower to set me apart :)