Something was a little off today when I went to the beach… despite getting out there pretty early I couldn’t find a free parking spot for myself. I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I ended up in the pay lot which is lame, but turned out to be highly necessary. Apparently it’s spring break time. The lifeguards and street vendors are all back and by the time we got out of the water from our swim the beach was pretty packed.

It was just me and Niel swimming today. We got in on the north side of the pier and made our way to the first buoy. The water was actually colder today than it was last week (we measured 53 degrees) and it took me a little while to get over the temperature. I was the proud owner of a salty ice cream headache for a little while there. We continued on down the rest of the buoy line and then decided to continue on to the Cal Poly Pier. This was actually the plan on Wednesday but the choppy water had changed our minds. Today the water was pretty flat and we only heard one seal (I never saw it) so we figured that we were cool to keep going northward.

By the time we got out to the Cal Poly Pier I was feeling pretty good, I wasn’t really noticing the water temperature at all anymore. On the way back we kept it simple. Straight shot to the nearest buoy, down the line to the pier and then hang a left back towards the beach.

I was kind of sick Friday and Saturday, but this swim really made me feel a lot better. Amazing what some saltwater can do for you :) We’re hoping to get in on Wednesday again, but the forecast isn’t looking so hot… we’ll see if all the rain comes true or not.

using my human thermometer before our swim

view down the beach... as the day went on lots of people were playing in the water

busy contemplating the temperature

view back to the beach from the end of the buoy line

Niel in front of the Cal Poly Pier

View down the Poly pier... it's waaaay longer than the Avila Pier

view back towards the Avila Pier

on the way back...

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