When I showed up for today’s swim in Santa Maria I was the only dude there… I was not so excited about that, but I was hoping at least one other swimmer would show up. I got in and started to warm up; once I got my first 200 out of the way 3 more swimmers showed up, yay!

One guy is still rehabbing from a bike injury so there were only 3 of us total doing the actual workout. I ended up being the dude in charge and had to make up a workout on the spot. We started with one of our standard warm ups and then we moved into some 200′s. One of us just did a half ironman in Oceanside over the weekend so I figured something longer and a little more stretched out would be good. From there I recycled an older set that we’ve done before. I had to be creative with intervals since there was a big spread in speeds in our little group today. All told we did a little more than 2500 yards.

200 swim
100 swim
200 kick
200 pull

3 x 200 @ 3:00

Repeat x 5
25 @ :30
50 @ 1:00
75 @ 1:15
100 @ 1:45

2550 yards total

Tomorrow I have an ocean swim planned, but that is very weather dependent. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow which is never good news for my oceanic adventures.

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