I took my rad new Rob Aquatics suit on its maiden voyage today and it was glorious :) I was expecting to be made fun of at least a little bit by my workout buddies and they took it a little easier on me than I would have expected. I guess when a dude shows up with a zebra striped swimsuit that has his name emblazoned across the ass there’s not a lot to say, ha!

Anyways, we had a pretty decent workout. A whole bunch of pulling this afternoon. I just rocked a pool buoy, some of the other kids had snorkels and hand paddles. In theory we were going to start on a 1:25 base and walk it down 5 seconds each round until we hit 1:10 for the last 100. It was a nice idea but it wasn’t happening. After missing the interval on round 2 we pushed that interval to round 3 and managed to hold it.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

400/300/200/100 pull on 1:25 base
100 easy

300/200/100 pull on :15 rest (we missed the planned interval)
100 free

200/100 pull on 1:20 base
100 easy

100 pull all out
100 easy

Now, I’m sore all over. Between a mile of choppy ocean swimming and today’s workout I feel like my ribcage is working on unattaching itself from the rest of my body. Hopefully I feel a little better in the morning! I was messing around with a camera for a bit today so I’ve got some pictures. I don’t however have pics of my new suit… I just couldn’t bring myself to ask someone “hey could you take pictures of my ass, it’s for the internet.” Maybe next time…

3 Responses to “Much Warmer and Flatter Than Yesterday!”

  1. Jinxi says:

    “I guess when a dude shows up with a zebra striped swimsuit that has his name emblazoned across the ass there‚Äôs not a lot to say, ha!” – ah ha ha… what a brilliant sentence!!
    Your suit DOES rock, btw!!

    Man, those are some excellent photos today, mister! The first one is super cool how it’s cropped and totally symmetrical. And the one with the tile grid reflection in your goggles is rad!

    Hope you enjoy your rare weekend of no swim meets. =) Do a few cartwheels for me in between the relaxing. ;)

    btw, I got my GTD cap! Yay! I guess they had my old address, so it had to get forwarded. So fun!! Not that I wear one… but still…

  2. Rob D says:

    I’m already getting antsy… it’s weird to not have anywhere to be!

    I’m glad you dig the pictures and sentences :) Now that you point it out, that was quite the sentence, ha!

    That’s good your GTD cap showed up… I don’t really wear caps either… but it’s cool to get a little token of achievement occasionally. I’m going to have to ask around to see how they’ve decided to send stuff and when since no one really knows how it works, caps just magically show up in mailboxes.

  3. Tracy B says:

    Love the snaps!!