Went for a real swim today out in Avila to cool down from yesterday’s excitement in Santa Clarita. We ended up with a pretty healthy group… 5 swimmers… which isn’t bad for 54 degree water in March. One of my swim friends from Santa Maria showed up kinda late so I hung out with her on the beach while everyone else got in. I knew what the course was so we just made sure to catch up when we got in. All told we swam a little more than a mile today.

We started on the north side of the pier and did the buoy line since the buoys on that side of the pier are still actually there (the south side is a mess, half are gone and the other two are way out of place). I got used to the water pretty quick since I had been in a few days earlier without a wetsuit. Me and Dani caught up to the rest of the group at the first big turn. From there we aimed for the end of the pier. Since we had 2 newer swimmers I stopped every once and a while to let them pass me and make sure everybody was doing ok.

I had a bit of an issue sighting on the way to the far corner of our triangle on the south side of the pier. Without glasses it can be a little hard for me to pick out a white buoy a quarter of a mile away! I got there just fine but I had to stop a few time to try and actually spot it with my goggles off.

As you may have noticed I managed to get some pictures! I tied a string to my wetsuit zipper and my camera. While I was swimming I tucked the camera into the front of my wetsuit. My system worked out pretty well I think! I put a few pics in here for you guys, the rest are over at my Facebook Fan Page.

Getting suited up

the end of the Avila Pier

Dani swimming around the end of the pier

Niel and Pete regrouping for the next leg of our swim

Me and Dani at the end of the swim

Pete swimming in from the end of the pier

2 Responses to “Meet Cool Down at Avila Beach”

  1. Gabriela says:

    I loved your first picture. I looks like an ocean of blueberry Jello! How thick was your suit? I used to swim in the San Francisco bay with a rash guard and a think hoodie, but never for longer than 45 minutes in the Fall. I’ve been meaning to jump in the ocean here, but I shyly admit I’m terrified of the waves. Any good places you recommend with mild currents for a beginner like me?

  2. Rob D says:

    Not sure how thick the suit it… not surfer suit thick, but not high end race suit thin… somewhere in the middle. The next suit is going to be thinner so that I can move and flex my shoulders better. When it gets a little bit warmer I’ll be back to just a jammer and a rash guard though.

    I don’t live down in LA (I’m way up in Pismo Beach) so I might not be the best resource here… Down south I would probably recommend Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. It’s salty but no waves at all. It will let you just focus on swimming.