For those of you that are charitably inclined it might have crossed your mind to give some money to US Masters Swimming to support their mission, and if you’re like me you probably had no idea how to actually do so! At last years convention I heard about the USMS Endowment Fund for the first time and started looking for some more information about it. USMS recently set up a page on the site that spells out what the Endowment Fund is all about and gives you a way to make a donation. Currently it’s a write a check and fill out a form kind of a thing, there’s talk of making it all online during the year.

Here’s a snippet of their description of the program:

The USMS Endowment Fund is the charitable arm of U.S. Masters Swimming. Established in 1989, the fund provides grants to programs with a focus on medical and health research on the benefits of swimming, development assistance for new Masters programs, outreach to other adult fitness organizations, and education to improve leadership, address swimming and adult fitness issues and to help Masters programs with special needs.

If you go to you can read about some of the things the Endowment has supported and learn how to give or apply for a grant.

This is something you’re probably going to be hearing a lot more about in the future from USMS. Our new president (and my teammate at CVMM!) Jeff Moxie has a big vision for what USMS could do to reinvest in swimming via the Endowment Fund, and personally I’m excited about the potential to do good stuff!

To give money to the USMS Endowment Fund go here

To apply for a grant from the Endowment Fund check out this pdf

2 Responses to “How to Give to the USMS Endowment Fund”

  1. SPMA Registrar says:

    You can also donate to the USMS Endowment Fund when you register. Lots of people add a dollar or two and it all adds up. The three options for donations on registration in Southern Pacific are SPMA, USMS (which is the endowment fund) and ISHOF (International Swimming Hall of Fame). Funds donated to SPMA are used for coaches education.

  2. Rob D says:

    I almost forgot about that… every time I register I think hey I want to give some money but not right now, and then when I have some dollars sitting around I want to give I couldn’t find a way to do it. This solves my problem, hopefully some other people like me take notice as well!