swimming into the sunshine through the early evening chop

Me and Niel decided to try out a Wednesday night swim now that the time changed and we have enough daylight to get it done. It used to be a regular thing years ago but it’s been a while since any of the Avila Beach crew came out in the evenings.

We met up at about 5:45pm and got in around 6pm. We entered on the north side of the pier and swam to the end of buoy line. The water was really choppy and it was a little hard to deal with at first. The pictures don’t really do the chop justice, it was more dramatic than it looks. It was hard to find a spot to breathe in without inhaling some salt water. Originally we were thinking about swimming to the Cal Poly pier and back but the chop was pretty strong so we kept it closer to our regular routes. We turned back towards the pier, moving at that angle really helped with the chop. Once we crossed the top of the pier it felt like the water temp dropped a couple degrees. I guess the shadow of the pier had a pretty rapid effect on the water temperatures.

The swim back to shore felt like it took forever! It’s funny how the swim back in always seems three times longer than the swim out. I guess it’s because I don’t always want to go back in :)

Afterwards me and Niel got some breadbowls (chili for me, clam chowder for him) and hung out for a while. His wife caught up with us after a little while. We deemed tonight’s outing a success and decided to try and make this a weekly thing. Hopefully some of the Sunday regulars start coming out with us too!

on the beach before getting in

hey bird, get outta my shot!

that is a handsome man... just sayin'

Niel scoping out our next stop

Niel swimming away towards the end of the pier

people watching from the pier

2 Responses to “First Wednesday Night Avila Swim”

  1. Lacy Fuller says:

    Those are some gorgeous pictures. I’m very envious of people who live so near to the ocean.

  2. Rob D says:

    it definitely has its advantages! Now if we could just get the ocean temperature turned up about 15 degrees it would be perfect :)