So uh, today kinda hurt… I’m going to just get that out of the way in advance here. There was some mild shit talking on Facebook earlier today that I may have been involved in that turned into a harder than usual noon workout. I was greeted on deck with an “oh good you’re here because I wrote the workout just for you!” Uh oh. I’m not complaining (now that I’m done), but wow… good reminder of how much more shape I could be in if I had the time!

On paper it doesn’t look anywhere as hard as it was in real life. But believe me that we were all huffing and puffing at the end of each repeat and most of us were wishing for a swift and silent death.

600 continuous alternating 100 IM/100 free
400 pull alt fast/easy by 50
200 kick alt fast/easy by 25

Repeat x 3
4 x 25 fly @ :30
2 x 50 back @ :50
2 x 50 breast @ 1:00
100 free fast!
minute rest/gasp/complain

12 x 50 free @ :50 (1. easy 2. fast/easy 3. fast repeat)

3000 yards total

I managed to play with a new camera during the kicking portion of the warm up and the pics in this post are from that. It’s an UltraHD FlipCam set in a waterproof case. So far I’m pretty impressed with the image quality and that you can actually get some¬†intelligible¬†sound through the waterproof case. It’s not as easy to play with while swimming as my Pentax Optio W80, but I think this might way outshine that camera for taking video from a stationary or slowly moving vantage point… we’ll see… I need a few weeks to play with this thing before I decide how much I like it. So for your enjoyment… random screen capped pictures!

3 Responses to “A Beautiful Day for a Beating”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Well, I think it looks hard on paper and imagining it in the pool. =)
    Kudos on a great workout!!

    Rad photos, as always!
    Gotta love this incredible Southern Cali weather, eh? =)

  2. Rob D says:

    Seriously! I love when the weather is just right like this…. sunny and warm (but not hot) with a little bit of ocean breeze, makes paying my rent a lot more worth it :) Hopefully the weather stays nice through the weekend for the Santa Clarita meet.

    btw, great pictures of you and Steve on your site yesterday!

  3. Jinxi says:

    Awww, thanks Rob! You rock! Can you believe how young Steve and I ONCE were (ha ha)?

    I am SO with you on the weather. If only we could bottle it up & keep it this way (well, with the ocean water a tad warmer, but still…)

    Santa Clarita is the one meet left of the season that I won’t be able to make. The kiddos have other things we were committed to already, so I’ll be looking forward to your wrap-up of the day. =)