To be perfectly honest I was in a pretty crappy mood all day. I missed my lunchtime swim yesterday and I’ve been wrapped up in my end of month report cycle at work. Well we finished up reports at work this afternoon and I escaped to the pool around 7pm. We had waves of rain blowing through the area and that kept the crowd in the pool to a minimum. The rain was so cold compared to the water in the pool that it kind of burned and felt prickly when it hit you… odd, but definitely a cool sensation!

300 swim
200 kick
200 pull

100/200/300/400/500/400/300/200/100 swim @ :15 rest

200 kick
200 pull
400 swim

4000 long course meters total

In my pyramid I sprinted that last 100m and it felt really good. The rain was coming down really hard, the wind was blowing and I had some Metallica pumping through my SwiMP3… all was right with the world and I was happy :) Tomorrow I should be back to my regular schedule with a swim in Santa Maria. I really need a good intense short course workout to get ready for CalTech this weekend!

Getting my swim junk together... fins, weird suits, SwiMP3, & Camera


odd self portraiture... I just like the glowing green light

4 Responses to “4000m Mood Adjustment”

  1. Jinxi says:

    What a great workout! Especially in a rainstorm… rad!!

    I had never read your SwiMP3 blog until today, and now I want one (LOL). I think I shall have to save up my pennies so I can have some tunes accompany me in the pool. =)

    Have a great day, Rob!!

  2. Rob D says:

    I really dig the SwiMP3. I’ll try to remember to bring mine with me to CalTech so you can check it out.

  3. Jinxi says:

    Oh rad! Thank you so much.

    I talked to a guy that swims at 24 Hour Fitness this morning (where I swim) and he has an iPod Shuffle and a case he bought from the Apple website that comes with waterproof headphones. It’s cool and it it sounds like it gets the job done, but it’s so bulky to have all the wires hanging, you know? Have you ever tried that method? Or was the SwiMP3 your first H20 music toy? =)

  4. Rob D says:

    no worries :) I have used other MP3 players (H2O Audio Interval) and I don’t like them quite as much. They work, but there’s a lot more fidgeting involved. When you’re dealing with actual ear buds you can have problems with keeping them sealed and in your ears, the SwiMP3 just rattles it straight into your head so you don’t have to sweat the earbuds and can just swim. The iPod based units do have the advantage of being iTunes compatible however… with the SwiMP3 you have to convert your iTunes files back to MP3 for them to work which is kind of a pain in the ass.