**Santa Clarita SCY Results here

I had a great day down in Santa Clarita! The meet had a really good turn out, about 140 swimmers, and as usual everything ran really smoothly. Also… no rain!!! It’s about time I manage to go out of town without getting rained on.

I drove down early and hung out by the pool watching the end of the 1650′s. I set up my tent over by the Rose Bowl Masters and caught up with my Rose Bowl friends. I had 4 CVMM teammates come out today but they showed up a little bit later.

Today was my first 100 fly of the season. A mix of availability, desire, and just accidentally missing it have kept me from actually swimming it. Last year at this meet was the first time I broke a minute as an adult. Considering I’ve been swimming like no fly recently I was just hoping to break a minute today. I took it out in a 27 and came back in a 31. I need to tighten that up. I really didn’t feel so great in the water but the time adds up so I guess it’s fine. I’ve got a 58 in me this year… maybe in Wisconsin?

My 50 free & 50 fly are kind of in plateau town. The free has been stuck in the 25′s and the fly has been in the 26′s. Nothing to exciting to report out of either of those races. I’m hoping to break out of those numbers shortly.

Oddly I’ve had a little bit of a crush on the 50 breast recently. It’s always been my “palate cleanser” race. Something fun that I don’t really care about the results of. I’ve started to have some decent swims in it and I’ve started to enter it a little bit more. I felt really good off my start and my hands were moving nice and fast. One lane over I had my buddy Tony’s kid. He pulled up on me in the back half of the race but I used my veteran wiles to out touch him at the finish. It’s good to know what I lack in speed I can make up with experience :) Much like my 50 free races with his old man we’ll have to recontest this race in the near future.

After my last race a bunch of us grabbed a lane and messed around with my underwater cameras with some friends and teammates. Post our impromptu photo shoot me and some of the other CVMM kids grabbed some food before everyone had to drive off in all different directions. Tomorrow I’m planning to hit Avila for an ocean swim and then probably fall asleep until like Monday afternoon :) I have a little bit of a break until my next meet… next time I’m racing will be in Wisconsin!

Julie, Me and Ahelee hanging out underwater

deep in thought

finish to my 50 free

4 Responses to “2010 Santa Clarita Masters SCY Meet Wrap Up”

  1. ahelee says:

    Really was a fun meet day!

    For the record… Beata, Nancy, Trisha and I ALL watched you roll in after us – ha ha ha!

    Have a safe and fast swimming trip to Wisconsin!

  2. Rob D says:

    heh… whoops, I thought I beat you guys down there… either way it took me an hour to find you!

  3. Jinxi says:

    Great swims, Rob!

    You looked awesome in the video. I love Ahelee’s awesome commentary. You really did have a great kick out on that 50 Fly. And your 50 Breast looked excellent too!

    Those underwater photos are fantastic!

    Yay! Sounds like a fun day. =)

  4. Rob D says:

    Thanks Jinxi, It was a fun day… sunny and lots of people, you can’t beat it! Hope you and the kids had a good weekend!