Bit Nippy - Winter Swimming at Hou Hai Lake

So I was watching the Winter Games last night and noticed that you get both Short Track and Long Track Speed Skating… it got me thinking… why not bring short course swimming to the Olympics?

I realize this idea may not be a hit with some people, but let’s think this out a little bit.

  • Swimming is one of the biggest Olympic sports and produces some of the biggest Olympic stars (Phelps and Spitz anybody?)
  • International Swimming comes in 2 flavors, Long Course Meters and Short Course Meters… although both courses involve the same strokes and distances they are very different and different swimmers are better in LCM and SCM
  • Swimming is a year round sport, hooray indoor pools
  • The Olympics make more money… the swim stars become more bankable because we see them every 2 years and let’s not forget this “movement” is really a business

Now I’m sure the biggest complaint would be there’s already too much swimming in the Olympics, it would be absurd to double up the events in the Summer Games! To which I would say yes, there is too much swimming in summer and that’s why short course swimming runs during the Winter Games.

Admittedly it’s a pretty radical idea considering we can’t even get 50m stroke races into the games, but personally I love the idea… I may be slightly biased towards swimming however! I realize this is highly unlikely but you have to admit it would be an interesting change, fantastic for the sport of swimming, and it would bring more countries into the mix for the Winter Games. If nothing else at least give me Summer Biathlon with open water and rifles :)

2 Responses to “Why Can’t We Have Swimming in the Winter Olympics Too?”

  1. mbswimchick says:

    I would LEVITATE/FLY like that too, if I saw all that ice in the water!!!

    I agree with adding swimming to the winter games. But I suggest Open water/multiple events/many distances for the summer games, and move all the pool races to the winter games.

    Please give me an option to “Couples Skating” and “Ice Dancing”! I like to watch Downhill Skiing of all sorts, and Hockey, so some swimming action would be a great addition!

  2. Rob D says:

    That’s an interesting thought to make summer open water and winter pool swimming. I don’t think you could separate pool swimming from the summer Olympics, but there’s probably some distance swim stars that would love to see it so that they can do both sports at the Games.