I feel like crap today. I’m still hoping it’s just allergies, but I think I have a little head cold… ugh. I hit the pool in Santa Maria today in hopes of burning it out of my head. I felt pretty good while swimming but as soon as I got back in the truck to go back to work I re-stuffed up.

600 reverse IM kick/drill/swim
6 x 100 @ 1:30

Repeat x 3
25 fly @ :30
50 back @ :50
75 (50 brst 25 free) @ 1:20
300 on first pass, 200 on second, 100 on the last

400 choice

2650 yards total

In other, better, news… my buddies from LiveSwim.net were out at the meet this weekend filming. Chris and the guys are still processing video but a lot of it is available online already. They should be all the way done by Wednesday night.

You can check out your swims from the meet (minus the 1650) here, below is my 100 yard freestyle which was my best race of the day!

2 Responses to “Sunshine and Chlorine Will Cure a Cold… Temporarily”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Oh man, I sure hope you feel better soon, Rob!
    Glad you felt good in the water – if we only didn’t have to return to the “real” (aka non-water) world, right? ;)

    Woah, that’s so rad about the LiveSwim videos. Awesome!!

    Feel well soon. =)

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks… I’m getting a little better… I think I need to work it out where I spend all day at the pool tomorrow, I just need to find a waterproof laptop :)