I was a man on a mission today. I finished yesterday with about 37 miles for the month and I really wanted to break 40 for January. So I did the math last night and figured out that I needed about 4400 meters to make it happen. I ended up doing 5000 just to make sure I really made it in case I was mathematically deficient.

Repeat x 5
800 swim
200 kick

5000 meters total

I’m ending the month with 40.37 miles swam! That translates into just shy of 65,000 meters or a little more than 71,000 yards if you prefer your measurements in a more imperial fashion. It’s my best month ever in Go the Distance, I’m hoping I can push it a little further in February!

2 Responses to “Squeaked Past 40 Miles for January!”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Such a pretty pool!

    Congrats on the big 40!
    The 1-Hour and 2 X 10,000 sure clinched it for you!

    Are you #1 in your age-group today?

  2. Rob D says:

    Yup, a couple of guys from New England got close but I'm still up top! We need more CVMMers in GTD, there's only a few of us signed up!