apparently there was something surprising on the bottom :o

I did a little more swim lesson action with Heidi today… we introduced the idea of streamlines and breaststroke kick. The streamline thing is going ok, the breaststroke kick is going to need a little more work.

I didn’t swim too much. We were at the Arroyo Grande Kennedy pool and you have to schedule it out in 30 minute blocks… not really enough time to get anything done. Plus I just don’t like this pool, it tastes like sweaty old person and the walls are a little curved making it hard to judge turns. I swam like 500 yards and spent the rest of the time teaching.

I got some bonus video from yesterday’s meet in Fullerton today from my friend Jinxi who was out at her second ever Masters meet yesterday! If you’ve ever seen me race fly you can see what went wrong for me… I surfaced way early compared to what I usually would do. Off a dive I normally do about 6 strokes off a dive, in this race I did 8. Oh well, at least I have the Cal Tech Pentathlon in a couple of weeks to make up for it! I registered today and I’m stoked to go do some sprinting!

Rob Dumouchel Swimming 50 Fly: USMS – Fullerton, CA Feb, 2010 from Jinxi Boo on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “More Swim Lessons and Some Bonus Race Footage”

  1. Jinxi says:

    ha ha – that photo rules! I love it!
    And the description of the Arroyo Grande Kennedy pool made me chuckle too. Remind me never to venture into sweaty old person waters. =)

    Thanks so much for linking my site and for the kind words. I’m stoked that you used the video. I know you weren’t happy with the swim, but you still look awesome, and I have a feeling you will rock it at Cal Tech!

    So cool about Heidi’s swim yesterday also. Every lap counts, right? Go Heidi!!

    Happy Tuesday, Jinxi

  2. Rob D says:

    I’m stoked you took some video! It’s always really helpful to see yourself swim… speaking of… check out: had a dude out there filming so you’ll be able to see yourself swim from a different angle. Not every heat is up yet, but they should be done with it by Wednesday night