Today it was total pandemonium down around the aquatic center in Santa Maria. There was a high school girls water polo tournament of some sort going on, plus there was something major going on over at the DMV across the street. I had to circle the block a few times just to find somewhere to park the truck. Once I got inside the building there was some sort of conference going on in the meeting area too!

Only one of my training buddies was at the pool today, at least one other drove in but gave up on the whole parking situation. We were relegated to the shallow end of the pool which was kind of weird, I’ve never been down there before. We made up our workout on the spot and cruised it at a moderate pace.

2 x 200 swim
8 x 50 kick

Repeat x 4

200 swim

2000 yards total

The site is still embroiled in a major overhaul. Some of you noticed an outage in the middle of the day which has since been fixed. We’ve got some issues with the web host that we’re trying to get fixed and hopefully everything will get ironed out by tomorrow! The version I’ve been playing with is pretty cool… now I just need to get it out into the world!

In the meantime… random pictures!

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