Well it’s finally here! With a whole bunch of help from Steve at Serk the blog has been migrated to a new platform and a new host. A big thank you goes out to him for working with me on this, I highly recommend him! There may be some bugs left over by virtue of the site being between hosts, but all that should clear up shortly! I’m stoked to have it all done… I’ve been very apprehensive about having my blog under the knife, as it were. Hopefully you guys dig the slightly new look and the much improved functionality!

Today I went and burned off some of my nervous energy at the pool in Santa Maria. It was a really nice day out and there were 4 of us in the water doing the workout. It wasn’t a very intense workout, but it was solid and just what I needed.

800 mixer
8 x 100 kick w/ fins @ 2:00
400 pull
8 x 50 odds free, evens stroke descending @ :55
6 x 100 free IM @ 1:45

3000 yards total

Today I tooks some pictures for you! Check it out!

3 Responses to “Brave New Swim Blog World”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Totally rad!
    I dig the new layout and simplistic style. It looks great!

    Congrats on the switchover.
    Fun photos too!

    Winx, Jinxi

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Jinxi! I’m very stoked now that it’s all done… I was going crazy while it was happening but I’m very pleased with how it all turned out :)

  3. Trev says:

    New site layout looks great! Love it. Congrats!