Thanks to some changes in Blogger I have to make some technical adjustments to the website. I’m moving the whole thing over to WordPress. Despite stressing me out, I think this is going to be a good thing… once it’s all done!

Tonight I went to swim at Kennedy in SLO to blow some steam off and hopefully catch up to the dude who passed me on GTD this weekend. I swam 4100 long course meters.

500 free, 200 kick
700 free, 200 kick
900 free, 200 kick
700 free, 200 kick
500 free


My mom has been clearing out some storage and brought me a picture that I used to have up in my room when I was in high school. I’m stoked… Beavis & Butthead in swim gear, what could be better right? :)

Beavis and Butthead Swim Poster

Rediscovered this and put it back up on the wall!

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