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So I had this ridiculous idea in my head that over a few months slowly turned into a reality… I decided that I wanted to take the blog on tour like a garage band and hit a whole bunch of open water swims all over the country. What’s the point of living if you don’t have fun right? So instead of sitting at home and thinking man wouldn’t it be cool to travel all over just to swim, I decided to actually go do it and see what happens!

In my head I pictured a sweet RobAquatics tour van traversing the countryside, but unfortunately I have a day job so instead I’m just going to rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles! Here’s the tentative schedule for this summer:


  • USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships, Lake Norman, Charlotte, NC – May 29


  • Swim Around the Rock (3.25 miles), San Francisco, CA – June 5
  • USMS 1–3 Mile Open Water Championships (1.5 miles), Lake Del Valle, Livermore, CA – June 6
  • Chesapeake Bay Swim (4.4 miles), MD – June 13
  • USMS 3–6 Mile Open Water Championships (6 km), Lake Water Valley, Windsor, CO – June 19
  • Avila Beach “Martini” Swim (2.4 miles), Avila Beach, CA – June 27th


  • USMS 2-Mile Cable Championships, Chris Green Lake, Charlottesville, VA – July 10
  • USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championships (10 km), Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, IN – July 17
  • Santa Cruz Rough Water Swim (1 mile), July 31


  • Cruise Cruz (2 mile), Santa Cruz, CA – August 1
  • Naples Island Swim (1.25 miles), Long Beach, August 15
  • Don Burns Corona del Mar 1 mile swim, CA – August 28


  • Big Shoulders (5k), Chicago, IL – September 11

Outside of my Open Water Tour I’m also going to Wisconsin for their State SCY Championships in April, Atlanta for USMS SCY National Championships, and the US Aquatic Sports Convention in Dallas. It’s going to be a busy year! There’s one swim that I really want to do this summer as well that’s not listed on the schedule… a pier to pier swim from Pismo Beach to Avila Beach here on the Central Coast of California where I live. There’s no organized event that does it so I’ll have to organize my own oceanic expedition for this one… so that gets a big TBD for a date for now.

Since coming back to swimming through Masters swimming I’ve fallen in love with the open water. I want to share my enthusiasm for the sport with the world and hopefully turn a few new people onto open water for fun and competition. In the course of the summer I’m hoping to get a chance to meet a lot of you that read the blog in person and put some faces to the names I see in my comments!

Putting together a tour like this is a big deal logistically and financially. I’d really like to highlight blueseventy who shares my enthusiasm for open water swimming and has stepped up as a corporate sponsor! I’m really excited to have the support of a company that I like personally and who I think is an excellent corporate citizen of the swimming community.

Go Swim and LiveSwim have also given me a lot of support and I’m really thankful to those guys for helping me pull all this together. I’m still looking for some additional supporters to help me put on this tour. If you happen to be in a position to sponsor a swim touring blogger you can contact me at

How can you not love this sport?

22 Responses to “Big Announcement! Rob Aquatics Summer Open Water Tour!!!”

  1. Alicia says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you got a corporate sponsor! Way to go! This certainly seems like a fantastic way to spend your summer!

  2. Caren says:

    Congratulations Rob! I am so excited for your big year however am so bummed that you don’t have any Washington stops! ;-) Best of luck to you… I look forward to following your journey!

  3. Rob D says:

    Thanks Alicia, and thanks for helping me develop the idea a little bit!

    Caren – believe me, I wanted to go everywhere! Unfortunately there’s only so much you can squeeze in between actual events and real life… if things go well this year I’d love to do it again in 2011 with new swims in new states!

  4. Caren says:

    Awesome! I was just giving you a hard time… ;-) You rock!

  5. Hillary says:

    There used to be a pier to pier swim, but sharkie scared everybody away. Do you know Dave Van Mouwerik? He is big into local open water swimming.

  6. Rob D says:

    I can’t say I blame people for being spooked by our great white neighbors to the west… it freaks me out a little bit too… I just have to remember statistically the drive to the beach is more dangerous than the swim!

    I actually met Dave in December! I’ve swam with him at the Kennedy in SLO, and I’ll definitely be picking his brain over that Pismo to Avila swim!

  7. Jinxi says:

    Wow! This is so exciting… and SO busy! I’m exhausted just reading your itinerary (LOL).

    I’m so proud of you, Rob! And it’s so awesome that you have a corporate sponsor. Way to go!!

    I just saw a post about you on GoSwim!! Woo hoo… GO ROB!!!

  8. Rob D says:

    Once I get the last event done and fly home I’m going to sleep for a week!

  9. Edward says:

    Rob, this is incredible! A corporate sponsor to boot. You’ll have to put the Blueseventy logo on the bottoms of your feet so everyone will see it as you go past. I’ll try to come out and cheer for the SF swim.

  10. Rob D says:

    Thanks Edward! Maybe you can sail in front of me and I can draft off your boat :)

  11. Trev says:

    This is incredible. I won’t be surprised if, five years down the line, there’s a few dozen people flying from all over the country to compete together every summer, RobAquatics Summer Tour-style. I feel a movement coming on!

  12. Rob D says:

    Trev – if it evolved to that it would be unbelievably cool! And I mean really… every tour needs groupies right? :)

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  15. Danilu says:

    Rob! this is so awesome! congrats =) Missed ya at the pool today, Duke actually shook off the spider webs and jumped in with us today! Well see ya around – maybe we can squeeze in a swim a lopez lake sometime!

  16. Rob D says:

    Thanks Dani! I got stuck at work today, I’ll be back in Santa Maria on Thursday. That’s great Duke’s back, I haven’t seen that dude in forever! I’ll be in LA this weekend, but I might be up for a Lopez swim next week on Sunday if you’re around.

  17. Scott TF says:

    Did you consider the Maui Channel Swim? Heard great things (with the exception of the Tiger shark sightings) about it.

  18. Rob D says:

    Hawaii is on the list of places I need to go swim! I’m hoping to do something out there maybe next year.

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  20. Hanna says:

    Oh Shitto vad kul event! Du har inte funderat på att simma runt Gotland nästa år kanske?? ;)

  21. Rob D says:

    Jo, jag vet inte hur lange det ar at simma run Gotland men nu vill jag gora det :)

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