Today hurt! I swam in Santa Maria and we hit it hard this afternoon! When asked what I wanted to do today I made the mistake of mentioning I had some longer distance races this weekend. Turns out that was the wrong answer and I was punished accordingly :) Once we got past a fairly long warm up we moved into 4 repeats of a set of 5 100′s on a roller coaster type interval. That first pass wasn’t too bad, but the cumulative effect of the whole thing was pretty substantial! There were 4 of us swimming today, 2 of us did the intervals below:

400 swim
300 kick
400 pull

Repeat x 4
100 @ 1:35
100 @ 1:20
100 @ 1:30
100 @ 1:15
100 @ 1:25

3100 yards

That was the shortest workout of my week and by far the most intense. Tomorrow I’m hoping to swim in Thousand Oaks with CVMM for a little bit just to keep my feel for the water, and then Saturday morning I’m racing at the Rose Bowl Masters Meet in Pasadena.

In looking at my Go the Distance numbers, I should hit my first milestone of 50 miles either tomorrow or during the meet on Saturday. I’m pretty stoked about this seeing as it took me until somewhere in the later part of April to get this far in 2009!

2 Responses to “As Usual… My Shortest Workout Turns Out to be the Hardest!”

  1. Erik Sterne says:

    Say hi to all my SPMA fiends at Rose Bowl. We(PacificMasters) will be at University SF Valentine Affair swimming 50s and 200s. I think there were over 300 swimmers last year. Good luck in Pasadena.

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Erik! I wanted to go to the USF meet too, it's too bad both meets were on the same day! Have fun this weekend, I'll be back up for a PacMasters meet in March at Rinconada.