*Meet results from Fullerton is now available here
**Race video from LiveSwim available here

Quick CVMM team shot which I decided was pants optional

I swam the Fullerton Masters SCY meet today and had a ton of fun! We had a good number of my teammates in attendance and I got to meet a few new internet swim friends in person today which is always cool! The weather in Fullerton wasn’t pretty, but the rain never started so that was very good! I brought my pop up tent and set it up on deck just in case.

I started out my races with the 100 free and it went really well for me! I don’t swim the 100 free so often and I think the last time I swam it in yards was in Fullerton last year. I went 58 high in 2009 and I swam a 56 low today, I’m very pleased with that! Especially considering the shallowness of this pool total negates my start. In a deeper pool I think I could pop off a 55 which would be encroaching upon lifetime best territory for me.

My next race was the 50 fly which didn’t go quite as well… I swam a low 27 which is ok but not great for me. I should be more around the mid 26′s right now. Again I think it comes down to me doing a big modification to my start in an effort to not break my face or my feet. I’m a big dolfin kicker and I just couldn’t do what I normally do in only 4 feet of water. During the swim I cramped up really hard in my calves as well. I think my ocean swim was catching up with me. At this point I decided to keep my 50 free but drop the 100 fly.

My 50 free was pretty good for me… a top 3 time in yards. My kick wasn’t all there since my legs were a little locked up, but my upper body was just fine and I was pulling hard. I came in at a high 25. I’m feeling really good with my freestyle recently and I’m hoping to get down into 24′s this year.

Since I dropped my last event I grabbed my camera to go play in the pool for a while. I put some of my pictures here in the post, but I have a lot more on the Rob Aquatics Facebook Fan Page.

the competition pool

a random start caught underwater

Who wants some of this!?!

Oh noes! Apparently Marc does!

Ultimately Julie talks us out of an altercation :)

Ultimately Julie talks us out of an underwater altercation :)

3 Responses to “2010 Fullerton Masters Meet Wrap Up”

  1. Jinxi says:

    Those pix are fantastic! How fun! I love your underwater camera!!

    It was so awesome to meet you yesterday, Rob.
    Steve and I really enjoyed talking with you and I sure appreciate all of your help and camaraderie with helping me ease back into the meet scene. =)
    Your teammates were really fun to meet as well!

    You sure swam SO great. And even though you weren’t totally satisfied with your 50 Fly, I think you rocked it. =) Here is a link to the video of you swimming it that I shot:


    Look forward to seeing you at the pentathlon.
    Thanks for the kind words on my site today. =)

    Winx, Jinxi

  2. Rob D says:

    I’m glad I could help out, and I’m happy you guys are digging masters! Thanks for the video… it confirmed what I suspected was my major problem with that race. I surfaced way too early (for me anyways) because I didn’t have any room underwater to work, luckily the pool at the next meet is plenty deep.

    We’ll have to get some pictures together at the CalTech meet!

  3. Jinxi says:

    Oooohhh… that’s cool that the Cal Tech pool is deep. I’m digging it already. =)

    Yes, yes, we most definitely need some pix together there. I know you’ll have your camera and I shall try to remember mine too. =)

    Thanks again, Rob!