Batten down the hatches!!!

Well it’s still ugly outside here in California but, at least in my neighborhood, we didn’t get any lightning today so swimming was on the menu. The wind and rain were coming down pretty hard when I was driving to Santa Maria but the rain slowed down at the beginning of my workout… it came down like crazy at the end though! I started out with about 500 yards by myself and 3 other guys joined me as time went on.

There was no planned workout for today so we winged it. I started with my own warm up and when the other guys joined me I started to warm up again! After that we recycled a set from last week good for 1000 yards and then did some fast swims for me since I have a meet on Saturday. We did 10 50′s alternating fast and slow. My first fast 50 I swam a 30 second 50 fly in a sparkly drag suit from a push so hopefully I’ve got it in me to go a lot faster this weekend in my LEGAL techsuit.

400 swim
200 kick
400 swim

Repeat x 4
25 @ :30
50 @ :50
75 @ 1:15
100 @ 1:40

10 x 50 alternating fast/slow by 50 @1:00

2500 yards total

Tonight I sat in on my first SPMA conference call as an Executive Board Member. We covered a lot of good stuff and I think those of you in the SPMA region are going to be happy with what we get done this year. If you guys ever have any feedback about what’s going on in the region feel free to let me have it! As Member at Large it’s kind of my job to listen!

2 Responses to “Swimming in the Storm”

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds like fun! I'd swim in the snow as long as the water temp was good.

  2. Rob D says:

    I like swimming in the rain… if nothing else it's usually a guaranteed lane to yourself! I don't know how much I'd want to swim in snow… the locker room better be really close to the pool for that to work!