I was extra motivated today for whatever reason and did a swim and dryland workout tonight! I started with a swim at Kennedy in SLO. I did about 1600 meters by myself and then joined up with another one of the guys for the rest of the workout. We were joined by a third a little bit later. I wasn’t feeling super fast in the water, but it felt really good to get in the water to work out all the stiffness and soreness from a couple of flights and a swim meet.

1000 swim
300 kick w/ fins
300 pull

4 x 200 free

100 IM
300 Free
100 IM
200 Free
100 IM
100 Free

3300 meters total

After my swim I went home for a little bit to put on my shoes and turn around to go to another branch of my gym to do some dryland action. I spent about 40 minutes grinding out an elliptical machine workout. I hate the elliptical but I have a feeling it’s good for me. What I really need to do is get back out on my bike… hmmm… maybe I should get it tuned up this week and start riding again, it’s been a while!

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