Click here for my new swim meet calendar!

As some of you may have noticed, I like to go to swim meets :) This coming year I’d like to do some swimming outside of my region and I’ve found it a little hard to track down events in other areas. The good news is that in a lot of parts of the country there are a lot of swim meets, the bad news is you need to be very motivated to find a lot of them! USMS has an events calendar but it is dependent on meet directors or LMSCs reporting the information to the calendar coordinator to get it listed. This triggered an overly ambitious idea in my head that when mixed with a little too much time on my hands turned me into a calendar vigilante.

Across the last few weeks I’ve visited the website of every LMSC in the country to find as many events as I could. I’m certain my list is by no means 100%, but I think it’s about as good as you’re going to find out in the wild. I plan on making a quarterly pass through the various LMSC websites to try and keep this up to date, but I would love love love it if some of you out there would tip me off to meets as they are announced so that I can get them listed. Also if you happen to come across an event that’s been moved or cancelled or I just got wrong, please let me know! You can send any calendar appropriate stuff to me at, also it would make my life exponentially easier if I could get on some regional newsletters… if any of you can help me get subscribed in random states across the country that would be fantastic!

The national calendar can be found at:

A state by state break down is available at:

If you guys have any calendar feedback (good or bad) or ideas for me please let me know either in the comments or via email (, thank you!

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